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• Laminated Finish

• Accentuated with a modern black frame

• Creates a "float" affect to make your piece stand out.

• Turning your home into a eclectic museum vibe

 The forbidden, moment in time unprecedented. Between life and death, laid the lies of deception. The mother of all living fell victim to misconception. Holy is hidden. The heavenly realm is war ridden.

It is written.

Bones of my bones, flesh of my flesh. The mankind sacrificed everlasting life for an infectious death. Our eyes are opened to fear and comparison. Our lives are short lived with cursed pains and infliction.

Now we have to search for wisdom. We have to prove to the heavens that we are worthy of redemption. We still reflect the complexion of God’s perception yet we have to correct the ways of our ancestor’s choices and direction.

It was written.

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