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Let your Holy Spirit be my guide.

Your are the lamp to my feet as I take my stride .

I am yet still a child, learning to walk in a stronger faith and encounter the divine.

When terror strikes , you are there with me.
When I can’t see my way through, your presence calms me gently.
When I don’t know which way to turn, you direct me consistently.
You are my peace of mind.

I trust you to lead me to where I need to be.
Position me in places that have yet to be seen.
Make way for my purpose , knowing that it’s bigger than just me.

Teach me to walk upright so others can see, the everlasting light that you have given as responsibility.

May your will and my journey
forever align.


• Laminated Finish

• Accentuated with a modern black frame

• Creates a "float" affect to make your piece stand out.

Turning your home into a eclectic museum vibe!

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